SCF Securities Disclosures

SCF Regulation Best Interest Disclosures

SCFS Client Relationship Summary (CRS)
SCFS Form Conflict of Interest (CRS)
SCFIA Client Relationship Summary (CRS)
SCFIA Duty of Care and Loyalty
SCFIA Conflicts
Brokerage Services Disclosure Summary (BSDS)
Brokerage Account Fee Schedule

Additional Disclosures

Order Routing
Text Messaging Disclosure
Third-Party Compensation Disclosure
California Privacy Notice
Reg-SP Privacy Policy
Privacy Notice
SCFS Business Continuity Plan
SCF Form ADV Part 2A
SCFS Order Routing Rule 606
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)
Bank Deposit Sweep Program (BDSP) Rate
Bank Deposit Sweep Program (BDSP) Bank List
Bank Deposit Sweep Program FDIC Eligible (SPFE) Rate
Bank Deposit Sweep Program FDIC Eligible (SPFE) Bank List
Insured Sweep Program (ISP) Rate
Insured Sweep Program (ISP) Bank List
Sweep Program Disclosure Document
Sweep Program Terms & Conditions